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A Note on Our Commitment to the Environment:

Here at Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort, we have practiced conservation long before it became fashionable and enforced. In the past, the local waste site (rural) practiced recycling of bottles, cardboard and plastics, and both restaurants plus the resort participated. Unfortunately, the waste site no longer practices recycling. We were very upset and voiced our concerns but could do nothing about it. Hopefully, the businesses and concerned citizens will be able to change the minds of the owners. Until then, we have no choice but to bag all garbage as one.

All other food from the restaurants is taken daily to a wild animal feeding area away from the resort. Starting in 2008, we have placed recycling containers by our units so that guests can do their share in helping the environment. There has been a lot of positive feedback from our guests since we have instituted this since most people are used to recycling in their respective cities. Because of the recycling, we have cut our trips to the dump by 25%.

We hang our sheets out on lines to dry so that you can smell the sunshine when you lay your head down after a fabulous day in Batchawana! Over the past years, we have been trying different ‘green’ cleaning agents and phosphate free detergents. We also limit the fertilizing we do on our lawns because of potential environmental damage. The environment is extremely important to us and we will continue to keep up to date with new technology.

Sault Ste.Marie Water Portal Please check out this link to the Sault Ste.Marie Water Portal for more information on the sustainability of local water resources which include Lake Superior.

 We are a Green Facility